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 Forest Fans

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PostSubject: Forest Fans   Forest Fans EmptySun Jan 09, 2011 5:25 pm

No wonder the fictional character of Robin Hood came from Nottingham because looking at the state of some of their supporters yesterday no doubt they are probably thieves they have just switched their tree's for council houses.

The state of some of them though with their fat bellies coming off that peasent wagan, which they came on and god knows how many service station they robbed on the way. Their nothing but Cider swilling tramps. They left cans of cider and canabis tabs everywhere. The thing that discusted me the most was when i so a fat 50 year old trout drop her knickers behind a car and take a piss in the street.

If i ran the great football club of Preston North End i would ban these animals from ever coming to Preston again.

On the other hand their neigbours Derby County are a credit to the east midlands every time they play at Deepdale they create a carnavil atmosphere and are a pleasure to drink in the pub with.

I think the people of Nottingham need to visit derby and learn how to act like honest people.
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Forest Fans
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